“Actively” Building Your Inventory

“Actively” Building Your Inventory

With over 29,000 health clubs in the United States, they all begin with the same challenge, building your inventory. In the health club world the inventory is members. Understanding the importance of this and how to do it will be the difference of your health club being a profitable successful business.

Active pre-Sale

During your process of selecting a permanent location for your health club you need to find available space for your active pre-sale. This is a site within 1 mile of your permanent location that your landlord should assist in providing this site for little to no cost. You do not need to do any build out, just use the pre-sale site as is and have your equipment vendors provide you sample equipment.

The active pre-sale site is a vacant space that you will need access to for 3-6 months while your permanent location is being prepared. The active pre-sale site allows you to place a “mini” version of your health club. This gives your perspective members a chance to actually view and use a sample of the coming club. You will be able display and educate the community about your future health club and offer pre-opening membership incentives. With an effective marketing campaign/well trained staff, you can begin selling memberships and providing workouts months before you ever open the doors on you permanent location. This pre- sale process will allow you to build your inventory – “Members”

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