Lead Dolphin Only CRM Solution to Implement Rapid Development Process, Providing Clients Flexibility and Quick Deployment

A well-seasoned leadership team with decades of experience in the fitness, wellness, and healthcare industries and simply listening to clients to better understand and meet their needs, has enabled Lead Dolphin to create a solution for success. Over the past year, this lead management and customer relationship company has been helping its clients in the fitness and wellness industries to work more efficiently while providing them a more effective way to generate and convert leads, better engage customers, and retain those customers. In order to be more responsive to its clients’ needs, Lead Dolphin has made a major shift in the way it provides services, by adopting a “Rapid Development” process. For new and existing clients this means a more simplified approach to a custom version of the Lead Dolphin platform that adopts the specific culture of the client’s company, reflecting the branding, specific terminology utilized and the way goals are tracked and monitored. Lead Dolphin has implemented this process to allow for flexibility and quick deployment of customized solutions for small and large companies, especially for franchise models.

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Keep It Simple

Technology is a must for a fitness center’s success. A big challenge for tech companies is keeping the end user up to date with new modules all the way to best practices. The customer’s adoption rate is the most important part to plan around when considering these changes. One of the creeds that Lead Dolphin lives by when deciding on updates/new modules is the “keep it simple” (KIS) approach. It doesn’t matter if your software can do something amazing, if the end user isn’t getting it to do that amazing thing easily. The fitness sales cycle is a simple one when it really comes down to it; Get the a person’s information, have them to come to the gym, take a tour, enroll them, nurture them through the personal training sales cycle, and communicate with them throughout their membership. Rinse and repeat.

Of course Lead Dolphin’s CRM (customer relationship management) portion of the platform manages the membership and personal training sales cycles and a whole lot more, but it is the way it is presented to the user and the simplicity approach of the design. We use icons to help identify terms, a strategic colorful arrangement to draw the user to important parts, and of course automation which serves as a safety net to ensure critical processes are getting done. To learn more please visit http://leaddolphin.com/

About LeadDolphin

A Nashville, TN based company, LeadDolphin is an innovator of health and wellness business practices and solutions. The executive team has over 5 decades of experience in marketing, management, and business development. LeadDolphin.com is a lead management and (CRM) customer relationship solution. 
By using the LeadDolphin.com tools; Sonar, Echo and Pulse, your company can work more efficiently and have a distinct advantage over your competitors.

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