How Facebook Can Improve Your Gym’s Marketing Strategy

How Facebook Can Improve Your Gym’s Marketing Strategy


Social media is now the homepage of the internet. Whether to read the latest news or check-in with friends, people are spending more people on social media than ever before. With 2 billion users and nearly 5 billion posts every single day, Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform out there, making it potentially the most powerful marketing tool for your health club.

Not sure how to go about it? Here’s 3 ways Facebook can help your gym’s marketing strategy.

1. Boosted Posts

On Facebook, content is king. Unfortunately, with 2 billion users, it’s a little difficult to make sure that your content is getting in front of the right eyes at the right time. However with boosted posts, which are basically Facebook ads, you can maximize the potential of everything your club posts online. Using Facebook ads, your club can target certain users by age, gender, location and interests and set an approximate number of people that you’d like the post to reach.

Being able to target your posts to those who you know are going to be interested in them can help do wonders for your gym’s marketing strategy. You’ll be able to get more engagement on your social media channels, drive more users to your website and open your club up to tons of potential new revenue.

2. Photos

Photos are some of the most popular kinds of posts on Facebook with almost 500,000 being uploaded every minute. Photos are also among some of the most engaging posts on Facebook, as they generate 53% more likes than all other types of content like status updates, links or videos. You can use photos to give your Facebook followers a unique glimpse of your club, while also using them to drive your social media fanbase. Photos can be used to show off your group class sessions, the cleanliness of your locker room or even your friendly front desk staff. Using photos creatively will help your club stand out from your competitors!

3. Build a Community

Since Facebook is so widely used, it can be fairly easy for your club to build an engaged community on its Facebook page. Your club can post polls to its fans to see what kinds of group classes they’d like to see added or the new types of equipment they’d like to see your club order. By encouraging a responsive dialogue, your club can ensure that your members always feel represented when it comes to decisions that will affect them. This will help them remain engaged with your brand for longer and be more likely to recommend their friends and family.


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