12-Week Challenge Challenges. 3 Simple “To Dos” to Improve Participation and Results

“Great!! We did! We got 200 members to pay, weigh-in, and start our 12-Week Challenge. What’s that…how do I plan on ensuring all 200 participants are going to be here for the final weigh-in? UHHHHH…”

Health clubs have a great plan for getting members to take charge of their fitness and work on a short-term goal. But what is commonly the case is that the results at the end of the 12 weeks are not what were expecting. Here are 3 simple to dos, in order to get maximum results!

1. Have a Running Blog- Just like what you are reading, you have to engage your members. What better way than to let them tell their story. Besides all the great content they are developing, there will be a sense of “community” and that always fuels results.

2. Turn the Drip On- There is no way a health club can touch every participant everyday or every other. Drip marketing is the quickest solution. Have each of your trainers, do a “Tip of The Week”. Be sure to include artwork (everyone loves pictures). Have a weekly “Healthy Recipe”. Make sure to vary recipes from vegetarian to meat. Finally, have a 12-Week Reminder each week. In the reminder let them know how long they have been in the challenge, how long they have left, and a positive message for taking charge of their health. (Make sure you get their emails when they enroll)

3. Make a Big Deal About the Little Stuff- Have a weekly “theme” tied into all 12-weeks, that the entire fitness center can see. Motivation comes in a lot of different ways and one of them is feeling like you have accomplished something, even if it is a little thing, like completing a week. Example:

W1-You Started!

W2-Cal Count- Have reminders around the club saying “ How many calories?” or “What is your number?”

W3-Intensity- Challenge yourself to increase your cardio intensity

W4- PT Check Up- Your first check up with a trainer

W5- Class is in Session- Who ever takes the most classes this week gets “X”

W6-Half Way Home! Great Job!

W7- Secret Circuit-Give all the participants a generalized circuit to challenge them selves

W8- PT Check Up- Your second check up with a trainer

W9- Cardio Challenge- How far can you go in 30 min on a treadmill. Have a leader board

W10- Push-up Challenge- How many push ups can you do. Have a leader board

W11- Pick up your T-Shirts (Hype this up and let the participants know that in week 11 they will pick out their “new size” t-shirt

W12- Congratulations week! The entire staff all week congratulates and motivates the participants to finish strong! Pick up their “new” shirt

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