Health & Fitness Clubs: Automated CRM Software for Conversion and Engagement


CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, has helped more and more Fitness Clubs understand client behavior, generate leads, and convert and engage members.


CRM Software Technology Accessibility

In today’s market, prospective clients expect much more for their membership dollar. CRM software combines the marketing, sales, and customer service sectors into one automated program. It was at one time perceived that CRM software was an option only available to large franchises and substantial operations. Fortunately for mid-level and smaller clubs, this myth is quickly being exposed.

This technology is not only accessible to all clubs regardless of size, but it is the differentiator which gives the companies that use it a competitive edge which separates them from their competition.

Understanding who your target audience is, knowing them and their needs, is not a passing trend. It is a commitment to a new era of engagement that customers now expect from their Health & Fitness Club membership. CRM software tracks, measures, and records customer behavior. This allows for a focus to be made on making better decisions and nurturing more lucrative relationships. It increases the value of your service.

Benefits of Using CRM Software

The benefits of utilizing CRM software is manifold.

First, the software focuses on sales.

  • The basis of automated CRM software is lead generation and the retention of existing customers. The cost of finding new customers can be expensive, so focusing on retaining customers is absolutely invaluable. Long-term clients are profitable relationships.

Second, the software focuses on saving time.

  • CRM software automatically generates large volumes of data in regards to your existing members. This data includes targeted promotions which carry an extremely high success rate. It continues by generating large volumes of leads independently, allowing for successful membership opportunities in greater numbers. These two critical platforms are automated, thus, saving valuable time while creating a steady revenue stream.

Third, the software focuses on engagement and management.

  • The technology allows for greater sales management and customer service because of the vast amounts of intelligence CRM software provides. Engagement is also a primary focus, which leads to satisfied and longer lasting customers.