Keeping sales SIMPLE!

By: Buddy Hull, Health and Fitness Executive

Selling services and products requires nothing more than having a conversation with a customer. If you can’t hold a conversation with a person then you are probably in the wrong industry in the first place. During the time you are talking you will find out whether or not you and that person are a good fit for one another. If you are, great! If you aren’t, it’s no big deal. There will be more customers, right? In case, you haven’t noticed the majority of the public loves to spend money!

In a selling situation you always get back what you put out. Meaning, however you are acting is how the prospect you are communicating with will respond. If you are acting a little nervous the prospect will sense/feel it and may not trust you. If you are acting pushy the prospect they will sense it and begin to push back. Just relax and talk to them like there family.

But here’s the key….. Your prospective buyer should be doing the vast majority of the talking. This experience is about them, and nothing about you. It’s natural for any person to want brag about the terrific services and products they provide and all the wonderful things they can do for that person. You must listen to what the person wants/needs are. After all it’s not your money! If you want to get a new customer you’d better listen for what it will take to get them to make that buying decision.

It really is incredible what happens when you listen to your prospects. They will tell you exactly what it is they want from you. By simply repeating back to them that you will provide them (assuming you can) with the exact results they are looking for, you’ll probably close the deal.

If you ramble on about all the things you do for you have done for recent buyers you may miss the one thing that this prospective buyer is looking for. You could list all sorts of benefits that you provide. But if they don’t hear the benefit they want then they probably aren’t going to buy your product. People buy for their own reasons, not yours. Asking questions and listening to prospects allows you to find that reason.

Promoting benefits and features makes for good marketing, but not for good selling. And for those of you who don’t know, marketing brings prospective clients to you. Selling turns those prospects into paying clients. There’s an huge difference between the two.

Remember, there is no pressure when making a sale. Simply have a conversation with your customer. Ask lots of questions to find out what they want. Assure them that you can provide them with the product they are looking for and more than likely you’ll have more money in your pocket by the time you are done talking!

Marketing: 2 Tips to Better Email Marketing

BY:Rachel Zobonick

Despite the fact that social media gets a ton of attention nowadays, email marketing is still a successful medium that deserves your time and attention. With this in mind, here are a couple of tips that will allow you to build a bigger list and create email campaigns that stand out to members and prospects — resulting in greater email ROI.

Tip 1: Use a Multi-tiered Email Acquisition Approach

Acquiring a prospect’s email is the first step to building a positive relationship with a customer. And there are multiple ways in which you can make acquiring emails easier.

Pop-Up Subscription Windows

Have a pop-up window on your gym website asking people to “subscribe” to your e-newsletter. If you’re using this approach, be sure to describe the benefit to the customer in the pop-up window. For example, will they receive a weekly blog from your club nutritionist with diet tips? Make them feel like they’ll be an “insider” by having access to your emails.

With this approach, just make sure the pop-up window is easy to get out of if a person doesn’t want to subscribe, or they’ll easily get annoyed.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be a great tool for acquiring emails. Just drive prospects to your email sign-up form through the ad. However, with this approach it’s important to ensure ROI, which is easy to track through Facebook Ads. If a campaign isn’t working, try targeting different age groups or those with different interests to see if you get better results.

Tip 2: Have Great Content

Once you have a prospect’s email — they should immediately see the benefit. Consider sending them a complimentary visit to your gym or even just a blog filled with training tips from your personal training director, so that they know right away you won’t be just blasting them with promotions.

Doing email marketing successfully comes down to strong content. Think about how many junk emails you get personally. The emails you open are the ones that are intriguing and relevant to you.

Therefore, as you put together an email for your target customer, put yourself in their shoes. What would catch their eye? Put time, effort and strategy into your email marketing campaigns — don’t just send an email to send an email.

Strong content:

  • Helps you acquire new emails
  • Helps you retain the emails you have (less opt-outs)
  • Helps grow and build your brand

These are just a couple tips to boost your email marketing ROI, because again, even though social media is a really great marketing tool, email still is as well. Don’t miss out on its effectiveness by putting all your marketing eggs in the social media basket.