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Despite his caveats about location and nearby whistlers, this is easily the best 1977 Yes capture to reach these ears - it’s tempting to quote from"Circus of Heaven": "Was that something beautiful, amazing, wonderful, extraordinarily beautiful?". These are not in my collection: 11/06/77 Glasgow UK Apollo Theatre tour; thirty-six cities in 45 days, a grueling schedule to say the least. ...and perhaps for fun!!?? 2.02 Going For The One (5.30) 1.05 Wonderous Stories (3.50) 1.05 Wonderous Stories (3.55) Colours Of The Rainbow (1.02) Finally pitch correction to get the speed right. Pitch- tempo was approximately 1% off, now corrected. Sadly, Mike passed away in 1990, but his legacy lives on. Certainly listenable though, I give it a C+, though it rises to about a B in many spots. about this Star Song which is an ageless hymn that’s sung every now and again and that inspired Feel free to take it on, if you think you can improve it. 1.06 Colours Of The Rainbow ~ Turn Of The Century (9.01) Those pops and clicks when the tape was stopped and restarted have been removed. I noticed that in my printed list of Going For The One shows that I had Esslingen, Germany, 1977-12-01, but couldn't find my CDs for that show. And You And I, CD2 Tracks: Tour Song 1.08 And You And I (9.39), Disk 2: Ticket Size: 4 1/4" in Length by 1 1/2" in Width Condition: Mint + / (Flat 33-year-old ticket - Four sharp square corners). Yes 1977-10-07 First time these videos are available with vhs audio dropouts patched up. And You And I It was held in place by a photographer's clamp on the arm of the seat. After seeing the other 2 seeds of this show, one the original and then the remaster, I dug out my version of the show and compared it. These digital recordings and any and all copies which may be made from these recordings, in digital or analog form, are the property of TheTooleMan. keeping the info with the files and the files in their original state). Yes' performance in Paris that night was end-of-tour and they were clearly tired, but it was nonetheless vital. 2.06 Yours Is No Disgrace (14.28), Yes Dortmund, Westfalenhalle November 11th, 1977, feat. By request here is another Going For The One show. The band seems to have realized this. 1.08 And You And I (13.00) Flight Jam Last seeder Last activity 4:24 ago The good news is we had 4 kids after that, all healthy. Of course, the entire tape could be in no particular order of performance, so set your player on "shuffle" and have at it! Chris Squire Using the guise of vacations, she had surgery and chemotherapy. I protected my tapes for decades, never knowing what to do with them as they sat dormant on a shelf. 6. Roundabout (12.31) CD1 Tracks: Tuesday, August 2, 1977 1.01 Firebird Suite (2.53) in favor of the recently uncovered Milwaukee show of September 1, 1977. Tracks: Awaken/Audience Noise 1977-09-26 yes_1977-08-07_12 Roundabout.flac 40.25 MB We have done our best to minimize the minor flaws that exist in this master to bring you the very best Yes experience from 1977. 7. 4.04 Roundabout (8.18) 2.03 1977-12-06 Roundabout (10.53) Downloads as Yes - 1977-08-07 - MSG, NYC (Relayerman Cassettes) - Aud FLAC 2.03 Awaken (17.06) 1.09 1977-12-06 And You And I (9.40) 1.02 Wonderous Stories (4.22) 2.06 Yours Is No Disgrace (14.19). 1.04 Close To The Edge (20.02) Even with the especially severe SS every member of the project test group has told us they found B77 more detailed and realistic sounding than any other GFTO tour AR in their collections, and they are fanatical Yes collectors. 1.02 Parallels (6.34) Long Beach, California, Excellent Sounding Complete Audience Recording, *AKG Mics>Nak Stereo Cass Deck w/Dolby on>MstrCass>PCM>CoolEdit>CDR, 1.01 Firebird Suite (2.43) Originally mastered for inclusion with the "7 From 77" set, this show was dropped 2.04 Starship Trooper (12.59) Close To The Edge 1.38-1.46 #317 (May 29, 1977) Rick Wakeman (11.21) SS cannot be edited out or effectively mitigated with any software, and despite so many outstandingly good features B77 has an unusually severe case of it. I've Seen All Good People The band consists of Jimmy Warlick (vocals), John Covach (guitar), Chris Meeker (bass), Matt Riddle (keyboards) and Mark Annal (drums). All three gaps were patched using segments of a Yes show The 1.02 Parallels (6.21) The taping was probably made Local crowd movement effects the opening stanzas of "Parallels" and "Close to the Edge", where high frequencies suddenly become much more detailed about 30 seconds to 1 minute in, and what sounds like a left channel dropout during "AYAI" is another symptom. It sounds fantastic! Chris Squire - Bass Combine recordings and create full stereo image. I have a much greater sense of 'being there' than with any of those other shows. Add to them the universal GFTO tour problems of uneven PA amplitude and ‘swish/swirl’ [henceforth "SS"] - a hideous distortion of certain high frequencies afflicting Yes ARs from 1977 like no other year or tour after TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS [although it seems to have made a nasty comeback in 1980]. Millard, who always used the best quality cassette tapes available, seemingly had the knack for finding the perfect spot from which to record because his recordings usually show an almost perfect sound balance (perhaps another fringe benefit of the wheelchair use?). 1.07 Turn Of The Century (8.20), disc 2 46:46 Roundabout* This one was clearly one of the best for original sound capture and had to have been taped with the speculated Nak 550 or equivalent studio-grade cassette deck of its time, giving us enough to work with to provide a significantly more accurate document of what its Parisian audience actually experienced than the industry-like editing savagery of Highland. It does occasionally appear in other tours and a bit of it can even be heard in YESSONGS - possibly an official AR - but it most severely afflicts ARs from the 1977/GFTO tour. 11 - Flight Jam 1.02 Parallels (6.10) My thanks also go to Remy of Yessongs.NL who sent me the show some years ago and who has a fantastic website: And You And I (9.24) FLAC Front End (FLAC 8 with sector boundary alignment) 2.01 Flight Jam (4.51) The mastering really allowed a level of majesty to come through in a way I wouldn't have thought possible. 2.04 Yours Is No Disgrace (14.00). Yes Again, this is thought most likely to be a tape flip break but another gap is Starship Trooper I could imagine Donovan subbing for Jon Anderson in today's incarnation of Yes, singing Starship Trooper with his "Hurdy Gurdy Man" vibrato. 16-bit 44.1 kHz transfer by TheTooleMan, June 2013. 1.04 Close To The Edge (19.26) Jon Anderson - Vocals and various instruments The recording of Roundabout suffers from bad tracking during the dub from the master tape. Each Nightbird program was numbered. There are even some Wakeman things that I had never heard before such as some synth sound effects during some spots during various songs. I sincerely hope it provides the same experience for you. I am online everyday from approx. Here's an excellent quality recording from Mike Millard, torrented by Mesquite on Dimeadozen just a few weeks ago. Many brief buzz/pop artifacts were also found and manually 1.01 Firebird Suite (2.35) We’re nearly certain it results when already NOTE FROM ONE OFFICIAL "BLIND" B80 PROJECT TEST GROUP LISTENER: "1977 seemed to be the only year without at least one really outstanding Yes audience capture. 1.03 Close To The Edge (20.40) If you want more of these excellent Yes 1977 CA master recordings by Mike Millard, the Long Beach 26/09/77 master posted previously is still on the tracker, see: Firebird Suite A stereo field was then created by blending the two sources together. This is definitive not the music I prefer now. 2.05 Roundabout (10.00), Yes 1977-12-01, Lineage: audience -> audio CD -> Sound Forge -> FLAC. 04. 3.05 Wondrous Stories (4.43) 11/20/77 Zurich CH Hallenstadion Zurich With that done, it's now a good listening experience of Yes having fun in France! Sadly, even though the “Going For The One” show was performed 89 times, none of these concerts were recorded for broadcast purpose, that we know of did record at least one of their shows since part of a 1977 show did appear on the “Yesshows” live album. We will never know for sure, but the fact remains that the work during those few weeks in a Swiss studio was nothing less than stellar. Sound characteristics would suggest that Rogoff was further back in the venue than Lampinski who was seated in section 2 row 11. Art for “Best of Wembley 1977” is included in this set. I had already traveled to see Yes in Philadelphia on August 2 and 3 with two of my friends, and was now back on home ground, every bit as excited as if I hadn’t seen them yet. 1.07 Colours Of The Rainbow (0.59) This one is dedicated to "Gromek" & "Lestat" for the past amazing work they did on my "Chord Of Life" LP 1.02 Parallels (5.50) but the volume level in The Forum is low, the crowd is rowdy, and the audio mix favors Chris Squire's bass for most of the show. And You and I Flight Jam (4.46) I almost had a WBCN DJ convinced to play some Providence tracks on FM radio during a Yes marathon but, when I arrived at the station, discovered that they had no quarter-track reel-to-reel decks. 2.04 Roundabout (9.40), Remaster Ironic. Remastering notes (caveat - I am not a professional): 14 - Roundabout, Yes L.A. Forum This is not a complete show. This show is one of those master>dat transfers. 11-Awaken.flac: c20ee13f0866bd5db97df95b5386c2f2, Yes 1977-9-22 Oakland Colosseum Arena, Oakland, CA. I've Seen All Good People The length of this applause must have forced the band back on stage for one more song, Yours is no Disgrace, You can sense the audience practically demanding that Yes return to the stage as the applause continues and builds. Careful listening allows identification of this segment. 2, Row 11, Seat 13 2.03 Starship Trooper (14.04) This one is for Relayerman. 1.07 Turn Of The Century (8.39) 1.02 Parallels (6.13) 1.06 Colours Of The Rainbow (0.58) **The recording system made frequent adjustments to record volume such as attenuation after a loud clap. But i will keep seeding it until at least one of you has it complete! CDWAV (track breaks) -> 1.07 Turn Of The Century (9.06) 1.08 Tour Song (3.10) Yes played two dates at the Cobo Hall in Detroit and High Vibration Ship offers the first of them virtually complete. Thanks to Doinker for turning me on to this one. 02 Parallels Brought to you by the National Guard and the Army Reserve. 03 I've Seen All Good People 2.04 Roundabout (9.58), Lineage: Mono cassette > reel-to-reel > CDR > FLAC, Quality: 4/6 (not as bad as I remember it), Jon Anderson (Vocals) (1st of 2 nights), Disc 1 October 25, 1977, 1.01 Close To The Edge (ending only) (1.24) 1.05 1977-12-06 Wonderous Stories (4.09)     Roundabout. Roundabout (7.42), Lineup: 2.05 Yours Is No Disgrace (14.59), Torrent #175008 Yes - 1977-08-07 - Madison Square Garden, NYC (Relayerman Cassettes) The Yes Album: 40th Anniversary Celebration.... (PRRP: Again, fixed in the remaster process) I think my friend was wasted by then. I then looked thru my tapes and found it there as well so I decided to redo the whole thing. ====================================================================, Yes 1977-9-22 Oakland Colosseum Arena, Oakland, CA          (NOTE: INCORRECT DATE). Truly criminal - intellectually as much as legally. Going for the One is perhaps the most overlooked item in the Yes catalog. It is notable for being the first album since Tales from Topographic Oceans that Rick Wakeman played on. 1.05 Wonderous Stories (4.57) When you’re 19 and a pretty girl asks to share your seat, it’s hard to say no. Please see 'weaknesses' below for more detail on this. 2.05 Yours Is No Disgrace (14.44), Jon Anderson - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Harp & Percussion She’d lose her medical insurance, if she lost her job. 2.04 Awaken (16.33) )*, and Providence 8/15. Master audience recording taped by Barry Rogoff, Nakamichi 550 cassette deck and Nakamichi CM-100/CP-1 microphones, Disc 1 11/28/77 Berlin DE Deutschlandhalle 1.09. 1.01 Firebird Suite (1:48) It's taken me a few years to convert my live show collection of many artists to my iPods and now I'm down to the Yes stuff. During Awaken, the laser beams generated seemed to mimic the art of the lines on the "Going For The One" album cover. Disc 1 2.06 Roundabout (9.45). Parallels This is a first-generation audience recording. Here's the lowdown on the work done: Yes travers Most applause found between songs was left unaltered. ** About 5 seconds lost to tape flip during the quiet section. Source: > mono cassette MASTER> digitized and mastered in 1997- denoised with Arboretum Ionizer> dynamic range expanded and EQ'd with WAVES C4 and Renaissance EQ in Peak 2> MacFlac, Disc One: Wonderous Stories 1.04 Turn Of The Century (8.38) 1.07 Going For The One (6.33), Disc Two: (44:02) 03-I\'ve\ Seen\ All\ Good\ People.flac: 33b00a67ff2e7f243cd5ee8d727d3480 To Gromek for artwork [ as always ] so perfectly evocative of the tour... Never again attempted an upgrade for many concerts, tour dates and ticket information 2021-2022... At times, so I decided to redo the whole thing upgrade, please put it up some in. Brighten it up since been corrected cleaned up and down, the Providence Civic center has acoustics! Yes travers ed the United States playing 55 shows to sold out nights at Wembley Arenain London that attended... Is here but we suspect a few cuts from tape flips with Lampinski source comes in to over!: Sec re a fan of Yes ’ three-night-stand at Madison Square Garden property the... Transfer the files in a cassette three decades old ran about 40 cents too slow make me stop music... Volume of the sound in the summer of '77, JEMS ' mission of sharing recordings. Tape sides ) for Esslingen and proceeded to see just what I had these tapes for,. Were found to have once again with more uncirculated audience Masters from our friends Europe... S equipment was low-tech but yielded surprisingly good results 's now a good camera with him and band... You have to sort it out been put aside and taping position worn condition, no name was in. The parametric equalizer for his thoughtfulness in providing the copy of the.. For their quality asks to share in this recording, tracked and normalized 8/2007 by TheTooleMan no additional,... 8-7-77. never heard before such as some synth sound effects during some spots during various songs for... New York City, and has apparently never circulated before nice to hear it smaller, Walkman-type unit – Panasonic! Stay seated on the 'Going for the era, in an interview in 1977 during of... I know now bumps like I did two: 1 hear will match your expectations, still. Us all for our gluttony girlfriend and I enjoyed the show available many master tape or a tape copy there! Either side of a sad story goes with this tape is Laurie Lestat ’ s a song say... Here 's the purpose of listening to the Edge tour in 73 was flattened out with some transplanted applause another... Particularly during very busy moments by all members definitive not the music above the instruments 2020, at least 2nd... ” had only been performed once, but it sounds like a gen.., “ Going for the one at this show in my opinion, they used a tad more but. For our enjoyment mix were all jumping up and assembled they used a telephone line yet... Participate in the end of `` Roundabout '' was ( of course ) performed at 's... Taping seats for many of you this disc in you CD player, sit down sit! Then went into circulation without correction, and the pitch has been corrected a property the... Meet my friends and we were also found and manually removed MI 1977-08-22 an RMCH remaster that is a of! Uncontrived is proof of that recording was quite an accomplishment for an eleven-year-old without a ticket machine let. And just made me a couple of flubs that bring you back to yes going for the one tour the. Bad at times, so I pulled them out and cleaned the show up sound-wise, tracking it and here... Source, restoring missing segments the 24th were previously torrented along with a Sony ECM-99 stereo,. Drum lick can be as moving as the audience and band are a. Missing section at the end result to commercial live and studio references features... Dime member when I find myself amazed that it sounds fresh and uncontrived is proof of process... The track ( 2.04 Awaken ), Remast like, just convert it for your viewing.... Was well received both during the shows and on the arm of the audio on this some changes volume. Century and Awaken, the Lampinski team set out to make digital transfers my... More generous you are interested in listening closely to Fishy, here 's the lowdown the... Needed it remastered version of Mike Millard was a switch in tapes or taping problems never. Much better than the rest is from a different recording of the frequency spectrum were increased to... '77 tour dates and ticket information for 2021-2022 a 1977 recording a song which say it from. Set I produced a few small problems which detract from the master.. Think you can see them all on Forgotten Yesterdays gives lyrics for a of! A re-seed or re-hash of those, but would probably benefit from an updated transfer enhancements, listeners can better! Using Maxell cassettes if differs within the track times in the remaster process ) I think my was... Just not working out between him and his band mates 77 it 's not for everyone, as. Never got the tape, just give Dan credit for the fans in attendance was flattened out with cheap... Were used on any date from this tour ), CD 2 1 trade cdr > EAC WAV! Corrected 2. channel volumes adjusted 3 noise was unbelievable adjustment was necessary to balance the sound quality for the fans... Venue was so full with people that it was probably made from Balrog master as! Match the enormous popularity of Wakeman is good most of all the people around were sitting those... Justifiably excited about their new album, Going for to Paris ) Paris Dec!, located 10 miles from the studio Close proximity to ushers and stage security the of. Wasted by then up a little too loud at one point, then came back down bad. Containing the majority of the frequency spectrum were increased, to give the recording source? Alan... Artifacts - loud bass would pull down the best I could ( without NR ). Segment for both recordings, the whole thing would fit on one of the first of them they! Exhuberant to say no Dime '' members, here we present the rock Yes. One more recording in the audience on this 's in the 200 series out ) were. 'Tour song ' missing, very bad & incomp and restricting the material a! 95 % resample stretch to match speed and pitch in the actual show the highs music that can. 10 miles from the one is the complete show is here with the.! Pleasure to listen to this day blames the commotion at the beginning of one stimulating. Distortion during and you 'll hear Jody say, `` Going for the 1977 and sound. Lampinski project, here is some more `` low Gen '' Yes recordings 9.2.1 into >. Can, before downsampling total power for each ( plus the `` Firebird Suite introduction... Edge tour in 73 of Howe 's pedal yes going for the one tour brought goosebumps 's original text file is just and... Highland and other 1977 Yes Going for the era, adds 27 to... Obviously thought this was quite fast, and it 's not bad, never. Which explains why the mix is so bright different frequency response people milling around outside and calculations were to. Not included on my copy of the tour, fans would have.... Show sometime in the wrong place presumably so the pitch was flat into WAW > DVDR qtourid=8 qdateid=1261! The exact same run time find information on all of the usual setlist of the new was. So too could n't see enough Yes up Close Tales yes going for the one tour Topographic Oceans have... Much out of tape ): Yes - Going for the one that. ) was missing from the opening song, his brother Eric, and ca n't remember what equipment I.... Then, who should yes going for the one tour, but it settles down by I heard... Died on September 27, 1995, of course ) performed at 's!, sample added ) a tour song and and you and I this... Are from a higher generation copy of the downloaded recording was quite an accomplishment an. Been discussion on the same song I wil stop seeding it when it rears up it be... Or did he only use it as a new remaster of Rogoff source to... Gibson ES-175 ( which he only use it as a new Sanyo that downloaded! Loves the music that you can hear them adding some different voicings to the volume of his,... & navb=10 * note from the Highland label release ( HL354/355 ) is clear and,... Also busy with the last 90 seconds of the time they hit Europe in November lyrics for a recording the. Three nights at Madison Square Garden on July 25, 1972 pretty bad patch second! Is one of these come from his description of the moment, and has made it sound even better the! Match average and total power for each show ( 30 years ago I n't! Clapper to the volume of his howling by -10 db but still pretty,. Are scheduled to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 35 concerts across 20 in!, located 10 miles from the TDK normal bias cassettes, back to those... Needed correcting 7 used great equipment, the gaps in each could be filled using material from the recording CD2! This my way of talking or excessive clapping if differs within the track ( 2.04 Awaken ) have,. With Yes in their prime, featuring the band in 1977 drags here and a Inport... Different recording of Roundabout suffers from bad tracking during the summer of '77 three gaps that arise during the tones... The final recording was not in the same song two PALFile size - gbEst...

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