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$65.00 ($0.00 shipping) Buy Now. The picture on the left is what the barrel looks like after the shave. The 2020 Miken DC41 Supermax ASA is just like its predecessors from the past. Polymer coatings can be applied to metals, ceramics as well as synthetic materials. Home / Product Polymer Coating / Yes + $13.99 Yes + $13.99. Reference back to the product description on each bat for our recommend level of shave to performance / durability combination. We had a coating specially formulated for us to treat the inside of bats after they are shaved which has been shown to increase the bat’s durability. Exclusive Bats offers a legitimate professional bat shaving and bat rolling service for our customers. These are good for floors that are in generally good condition, as they may not hide certain imperfections. Do shaved bats sound audibly different than stock bats? You know those rattles and sandy type noises inside your bat after a few hundred swings? Balance or end load. Shave/Roll/Polymer Dudley Bats. This compound is sprayed on after the bat has been shaved for even distribution completely locking in the bottom layer of composite. The answer is they are exactly the same thickness. ExclusiveBats is a baseball and softball bat shaving company. Some of the most reviewed roof coatings are the Henry 887 Tropicool White 100% Silicone Reflective Roof Coating (24-Piece) with 839 reviews and the Henry 287 Solar-Flex White Acrylic Reflective Elastomeric Roof Coating (16-Piece) with 339 reviews. Polymer Slurries – This is a resinous substance that includes some type of filler. This is the pricing for (1) Customer Supplied Dudley Softball bat Shaved, Rolled and a Polymer Coating added to inside. Proper drain system channel before parapet wall. The picture on the right is how the barrel looks after treatment. Very similar to the highly sought after Hellcat. Description ADD OUR “EXCLUSIVE” POLYMER BAT COATING TO YOUR BAT SHAVING SERVICE. If opting for the shave, we would suggest the level 2 aggressive for optimum performance / durability combination. C.C on top of polymer coating as per slope of roof. All of our Stadium products come standard with the polymer due to the extreme nature of the shave performed, but suggest this service to anyone looking to get max life out of their newly shaved bat. BigCommerce Premium Themes by PSDCenter, 2021 Suncoast Melee Diamond Endload SSUSA, 2021 Suncoast Melee Diamond Balanced SSUSA. Quick View. There is no performance loss because the formula is extremely flexible and flexes with the bat (Demarini uses a similar coating on all their bats from the factory). These polymer threads could be used as a form of communication between the soldiers. Secondly, we make sure to ask a lot of questions from our customers to know exactly what they are expecting from their bat. Composite bats however; are made from graphite fibers and a polymer that is used to bind the fibers together as one unit in a linear fashion. Easton Salvo Senior. Polymer Coatings – These are often polymer floor coatings that are painted on top of an underlying layer of substrate or primer coating. With 9+ years in the bat shaving and rolling business, rest assured we have all the tools, equipment and knowledge to properly shave any composite slowpitch, fastpitch or baseball bat. Price $249.99. MCP has developed both styrene acrylic and carboxylated styrene-butadiene polymers for coating wood substrates. A nanocomposite coating process could improve food packaging by placing anti-microbial agents directly on the surface of the coated film. A 25% polymer solids content coating solution was formed by mixing 200 grams Kraton G-2706 and 600 grams ethyl benzene in an Arde-Barinco Homogenizer mixer, until the temperature of the solution reached 150° F. and the Kraton polymer completely dissolved. … The formula is made of the same materials composite bats are made of and then an epoxy resin is added to it for adhesion purposes. This is the pricing for (1) Customer Supplied Adidas Softball bat Shaved, Rolled and a Polymer Coating added to inside. Purchase a new shaved and rolled bat from our inventory or simply mail one in utilizing one of our user-friendly online bat shaving services. The anti-graffiti material is substantially free of organic solvents and comprises a water-based material containing waxes, sodium silicate, rosins, gums or combinations thereof. Two coat of polymer coating on guiniting surface , floor and wall upto parapet wall. Most bats are made from either glass, carbon or aramid fibers. Ask for PROOF. All Prices Include: Rolling-Shaving-Polymer Coating-Free Shipping. Place the … All bats are cut according to what the customer expects from it. Rovene® 6034; 49.0 - 50.0; 1500 - 4000 +23; Rovene 6034 is a versatile polymer that can be used in multiple paint and coatings applications. These bats do swing VERY heavy and would suggest dropping an ounce vs what you normally swing. You are purchasing a bat shaving & rolling service. Gorilla Baseball Bats offer quite a few bat shaving service staples such as: polymer coating, rush service, 4 different levels of shaving, good turnaround time (2-3 days), and compression testing (although the website does not state results are sent with the bat shaving purchase). All bat shaving services include shaving, rolling, and polymer coating. Applying a polymeric coating to a metallic surface increases the ionic resistance. This shaving spec is for those who want a bat that hits bombs. Bat Myths Debunked -- Are heavier bats thicker than lighter bats? The product is evenly distributed all the way down the barrel sealing in the wall. Rovene 6026 is a styrene-acrylic emulsion polymer that can be formulated in multiple coating and paint applications. All roof coatings can be shipped to you at home. PVC sleeve on four sides of channel. We will even redo a bat if it is too heavy or too light, or if you feel it … The material used to form composite bats involves a polymer (usually epoxy) reinforced with a fiber. Download this article as a .PDF. BATS IN STOCK. Choose the level of shaving (there is a detailed explanation below) 3. We carry the hottest and best selection in slow pitch softball bats. In field tests, coatings of the polymer have been shown to reflect over 96 percent of incoming sunlight, minimizing solar heating. Bat Shaving Service. Polymer Coating As an additional service, we are offering our polymer wall treatment to anyone looking for MAX durability. The binder (or resin) is the main constituent of a coating or lining (product) and is the film-forming element of the product. 4. New for 2021 is the 2020 Easton Fire n Ice Mule Load USSSA slowpitch softball bat. Dudley Lightning Legend (Balanced) Price $259.99. As an additional service, we are offering our polymer wall treatment to anyone looking for MAX durability. 25oz, 25.5oz, 29oz, 29.5oz, 30oz, 26oz, 26.5oz, 27oz, 27.5oz, 28oz, 28.5oz. 2016 Miken Ultra II Senior/SSUSA Slowpitch Softball Bat MSU2 $ 179.00 – $ 252.99 Select options; 2018 MIKEN FREAK 20TH ANNIVERSARY 12″ BALANCED USSSA SLOWPITCH BAT M12FRK ... 2019 MIKEN DC-41 14″ SUPERMAN ASA SLOWPITCH BAT MDC18A

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