What is Generational Marketing?

All in all, Generational Marketing is understood as being a method of maximizing engagement and sales through Customer Relations Management (CRM), product development, and focused communications. This is achieved by modeling each Generational Marketing method under an archetypal ideology. This is figured by looking at demographic information according to age group. There is plenty of this information available online, but there are numerous ways to compile even more information and specific data. Generational and Multi-Generational Marketing are basically the same, in that any business is more likely to find increased success when marketing across generations, hence, MultiGenerational Marketing (Williams, et al. 2010).

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Retention – A Key to Success

Retention – A Key to Success

So once you’ve acquired a new member how do you develop a level of engagement that ensures retention?

Retaining members for the long term is critical in the highly competitive fitness industry. The time and expense required by your club to acquire new members is an investment in the success of your business. It is much easier to keep members than find new ones. And, in this competitive environment where consumers are expecting more personalized services tailored to their specific needs you must make your club stand out above the rest. Building a solid relationship and truly understanding the needs and expectations of your members is key to any retention strategy.

Get to Know Your New Members

Joining a fitness club can be an intimidating proposition for many. But you can put new members at ease by providing a comprehensive on-boarding orientation. Make sure they feel that they are a good fit with your culture. Use this time to familiarize them with your facility, understand their goals and make them feel comfortable that you will provide the most effective way possible to meet their expectations. It is also helpful to develop a process that enables you and you staff to learn more about their personal life, their family, career or other bits of information that will help maintain a lasting relationship, in turn developing a sense of loyalty and commitment to your brand.

Survey Current and Past Members

Surveying your members is crucial to your retention strategy. So, listen to current and past members. Use the information obtained from these surveys to assist you and your team with your business development planning. Sample your members about current offerings, satisfaction with personal training and their desire for new program offerings.

Listen to your former members as well. When a member quits, make sure to follow up with them by sending them a short survey. Ask if they would recommend your club to others. Surveying allows you to better understand any issues that might exist. And, in some cases could help you to win that member back if the situation is one that can be rectified to their satisfaction.

Use Effective Social Media Strategies

Social Media can also be a very important tool to understanding the needs of your members. Always be sure that all your social media channels like Facebook provide your members the opportunity to express their opinions regarding your club. Write posts that encourage feedback and engagement. It is very important to constantly monitor what is being said about your club on social media, especially on review sites such as yelp, google reviews and trip advisor among others. In many cases these sites can give you an objective opinion about how others feel about your club and can help you improve the overall member experience.

Engage and Reward Your Clients

Lastly, always be sure to reward loyalty. Make sure your members know that they are appreciated by rewarding them throughout the year for their commitment to your club. Recognize birthdays, membership anniversaries and other important events. Developing a member referral program is important as well. Encourage them to refer their friends by providing discounted or free classes, free nutritional supplements, discounts on athletic wear or other offerings. Not only is word of mouth adverting inexpensive and effective, your members who work out with friends are more likely to remain members for the long term.

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About LeadDolphin

A Nashville, TN based company, LeadDolphin is an innovator of health and wellness business practices and solutions. The executive team has over 5 decades of experience in marketing, management, and business development. LeadDolphin.com is a lead management and (CRM) customer relationship solution. 
By using the LeadDolphin.com tools; Sonar, Echo and Pulse, your company can work more efficiently and have a distinct advantage over your competitors

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Health & Fitness Clubs: Automated CRM Software for Conversion and Engagement


CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, has helped more and more Fitness Clubs understand client behavior, generate leads, and convert and engage members.


CRM Software Technology Accessibility

In today’s market, prospective clients expect much more for their membership dollar. CRM software combines the marketing, sales, and customer service sectors into one automated program. It was at one time perceived that CRM software was an option only available to large franchises and substantial operations. Fortunately for mid-level and smaller clubs, this myth is quickly being exposed.

This technology is not only accessible to all clubs regardless of size, but it is the differentiator which gives the companies that use it a competitive edge which separates them from their competition.

Understanding who your target audience is, knowing them and their needs, is not a passing trend. It is a commitment to a new era of engagement that customers now expect from their Health & Fitness Club membership. CRM software tracks, measures, and records customer behavior. This allows for a focus to be made on making better decisions and nurturing more lucrative relationships. It increases the value of your service.

Benefits of Using CRM Software

The benefits of utilizing CRM software is manifold.

First, the software focuses on sales.

  • The basis of automated CRM software is lead generation and the retention of existing customers. The cost of finding new customers can be expensive, so focusing on retaining customers is absolutely invaluable. Long-term clients are profitable relationships.

Second, the software focuses on saving time.

  • CRM software automatically generates large volumes of data in regards to your existing members. This data includes targeted promotions which carry an extremely high success rate. It continues by generating large volumes of leads independently, allowing for successful membership opportunities in greater numbers. These two critical platforms are automated, thus, saving valuable time while creating a steady revenue stream.

Third, the software focuses on engagement and management.

  • The technology allows for greater sales management and customer service because of the vast amounts of intelligence CRM software provides. Engagement is also a primary focus, which leads to satisfied and longer lasting customers.




Lead Dolphin Only CRM Solution to Implement Rapid Development Process, Providing Clients Flexibility and Quick Deployment

A well-seasoned leadership team with decades of experience in the fitness, wellness, and healthcare industries and simply listening to clients to better understand and meet their needs, has enabled Lead Dolphin to create a solution for success. Over the past year, this lead management and customer relationship company has been helping its clients in the fitness and wellness industries to work more efficiently while providing them a more effective way to generate and convert leads, better engage customers, and retain those customers. In order to be more responsive to its clients’ needs, Lead Dolphin has made a major shift in the way it provides services, by adopting a “Rapid Development” process. For new and existing clients this means a more simplified approach to a custom version of the Lead Dolphin platform that adopts the specific culture of the client’s company, reflecting the branding, specific terminology utilized and the way goals are tracked and monitored. Lead Dolphin has implemented this process to allow for flexibility and quick deployment of customized solutions for small and large companies, especially for franchise models.

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“Actively” Building Your Inventory

With over 29,000 health clubs in the United States, they all begin with the same challenge, building your inventory. In the health club world the inventory is members. Understanding the importance of this and how to do it will be the difference of your health club being a profitable successful business.

Active pre-Sale

During your process of selecting a permanent location for your health club you need to find available space for your active pre-sale. This is a site within 1 mile of your permanent location that your landlord should assist in providing this site for little to no cost. You do not need to do any build out, just use the pre-sale site as is and have your equipment vendors provide you sample equipment.

The active pre-sale site is a vacant space that you will need access to for 3-6 months while your permanent location is being prepared. The active pre-sale site allows you to place a “mini” version of your health club. This gives your perspective members a chance to actually view and use a sample of the coming club. You will be able display and educate the community about your future health club and offer pre-opening membership incentives. With an effective marketing campaign/well trained staff, you can begin selling memberships and providing workouts months before you ever open the doors on you permanent location. This pre- sale process will allow you to build your inventory – “Members”

About LeadDolphin

A Nashville, TN based company, LeadDolphin is an innovator of health and wellness business practices and solutions. The executive team has over 5 decades of experience in marketing, management, and business development. LeadDolphin.com is a lead management and (CRM) customer relationship solution. 
By using the LeadDolphin.com tools; Sonar, Echo and Pulse, your company can work more efficiently and have a distinct advantage over your competitors.

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12-Week Challenge Challenges. 3 Simple “To Dos” to Improve Participation and Results

“Great!! We did! We got 200 members to pay, weigh-in, and start our 12-Week Challenge. What’s that…how do I plan on ensuring all 200 participants are going to be here for the final weigh-in? UHHHHH…”

Health clubs have a great plan for getting members to take charge of their fitness and work on a short-term goal. But what is commonly the case is that the results at the end of the 12 weeks are not what were expecting. Here are 3 simple to dos, in order to get maximum results!

1. Have a Running Blog- Just like what you are reading, you have to engage your members. What better way than to let them tell their story. Besides all the great content they are developing, there will be a sense of “community” and that always fuels results.

2. Turn the Drip On- There is no way a health club can touch every participant everyday or every other. Drip marketing is the quickest solution. Have each of your trainers, do a “Tip of The Week”. Be sure to include artwork (everyone loves pictures). Have a weekly “Healthy Recipe”. Make sure to vary recipes from vegetarian to meat. Finally, have a 12-Week Reminder each week. In the reminder let them know how long they have been in the challenge, how long they have left, and a positive message for taking charge of their health. (Make sure you get their emails when they enroll)

3. Make a Big Deal About the Little Stuff- Have a weekly “theme” tied into all 12-weeks, that the entire fitness center can see. Motivation comes in a lot of different ways and one of them is feeling like you have accomplished something, even if it is a little thing, like completing a week. Example:

W1-You Started!

W2-Cal Count- Have reminders around the club saying “ How many calories?” or “What is your number?”

W3-Intensity- Challenge yourself to increase your cardio intensity

W4- PT Check Up- Your first check up with a trainer

W5- Class is in Session- Who ever takes the most classes this week gets “X”

W6-Half Way Home! Great Job!

W7- Secret Circuit-Give all the participants a generalized circuit to challenge them selves

W8- PT Check Up- Your second check up with a trainer

W9- Cardio Challenge- How far can you go in 30 min on a treadmill. Have a leader board

W10- Push-up Challenge- How many push ups can you do. Have a leader board

W11- Pick up your T-Shirts (Hype this up and let the participants know that in week 11 they will pick out their “new size” t-shirt

W12- Congratulations week! The entire staff all week congratulates and motivates the participants to finish strong! Pick up their “new” shirt

There are many other ways to engage your members and their friends, to find out more click on the following address- http://leaddolphin.com/content/information-request

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Keep It Simple

Technology is a must for a fitness center’s success. A big challenge for tech companies is keeping the end user up to date with new modules all the way to best practices. The customer’s adoption rate is the most important part to plan around when considering these changes. One of the creeds that Lead Dolphin lives by when deciding on updates/new modules is the “keep it simple” (KIS) approach. It doesn’t matter if your software can do something amazing, if the end user isn’t getting it to do that amazing thing easily. The fitness sales cycle is a simple one when it really comes down to it; Get the a person’s information, have them to come to the gym, take a tour, enroll them, nurture them through the personal training sales cycle, and communicate with them throughout their membership. Rinse and repeat.

Of course Lead Dolphin’s CRM (customer relationship management) portion of the platform manages the membership and personal training sales cycles and a whole lot more, but it is the way it is presented to the user and the simplicity approach of the design. We use icons to help identify terms, a strategic colorful arrangement to draw the user to important parts, and of course automation which serves as a safety net to ensure critical processes are getting done. To learn more please visit http://leaddolphin.com/

About LeadDolphin

A Nashville, TN based company, LeadDolphin is an innovator of health and wellness business practices and solutions. The executive team has over 5 decades of experience in marketing, management, and business development. LeadDolphin.com is a lead management and (CRM) customer relationship solution. 
By using the LeadDolphin.com tools; Sonar, Echo and Pulse, your company can work more efficiently and have a distinct advantage over your competitors.

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