With is better: Gym sales & processes with and without LeadDolphin.

With is better: Gym sales & processes with and without LeadDolphin.

A quick look at how LeadDolphin can stabilize your health club’s sales and processes

Recording valuable telephone inquiries

Without employees are expected to have a script memorized and to use a paper logbook to ensure they are getting in the sales funnel

With LeadDolphin employees can click on a “TI” feature, that will prompt your exact script for handling these leads, provided a form to submit the TI information and will place these leads in the correct funnel to provide automated follow up

Guest Registration

Without  new guests hopefully fill out a paper liability waiver, so that they can take a tour in your facility

With LeadDolphin new guests are prompted to fill out a tablet that will instantly populate the guest in LeadDolphin’s powerful CRM and instantly populate the guest in your POS software using our robust API. Finally LeadDolphin will close the loop by disseminating if this guest is “out of town”, “new” or a “be back”.

Leveraging Data

Without operators are sourcing “homemade” excel sheets, reviewing log books and reports from multiple platforms to make decisions on where to focus staff time / energy

With LeadDolphin operators have a suite of reports, that are pulling LIVE data that is being harvested from multiple platforms and brought forward in a meaningful with actionable end results.

LeadDolphin is the fitness industry’s leading CRM & lead generation tool.  With a robust sales engine, built around health club value propositions, LeadDolphin is quickly adopted by your team and will instantly influence your bottom line. For more information go to http://leaddolphin.com/


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